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Introducing the Industrial Vacuum Cooler

the reliable and efficient way to cool rice porridge, and other similar products. Our innovative design enables rapid cooling without sacrificing quality or flavor. With our industrial vacuum cooler, you can achieve maximum efficiency with minimal energy usage in a fraction of the time compared to traditional cooling methods. Our superior design also helps retain product integrity while providing an even temperature throughout. Perfect for large-scale production. Our industrial vacuum cooler is sure to meet any needs.


Faster Cooling:

Industrial vacuum cooling systems can rapidly cool hot products, such as meat or baked goods, by using a vacuum chamber to remove heat from the product. This can significantly reduce cooling times compared to traditional air cooling methods.

Improved Food Safety:

Vacuum cooling can help prevent the growth of harmful bacteria on food products by reducing the time that the product spends in the "danger zone" (between 4 and 60 degrees Celsius) where bacteria can multiply

Quality Preservation:

Vacuum cooling can help preserve the quality of food products by reducing the amount of moisture loss during the cooling process. This can help maintain the texture, flavor, and appearance of the product. Additionally, vacuum cooling can help prevent the formation of ice crystals in frozen products, which can cause damage to the texture of the product.

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